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Love Lust and Serendipity
Mimi Flowers

YOUNG AND GORGEOUS Chantel Du Maurier comes to New York City from Maine to make it in the beauty industry. When she arrives, she lands a job at the glamorous Champs of Paris counter in Bloomingdale’s. Chantel soon makes friends with Dora Moore from Atlanta. Dora invites Chantel to a company holiday party for investment bankers at Cipriani’s. It was then that Chantel met her first love, Marco Puccio. Not long after dating, Marco plans to propose to Chantel. But his plans are uprooted when his egocentric mother comes between them. Chantel decides she cannot see Marco any longer and continues to focus on her career and her success at Champs. But when she meets a devious department store owner who sexually assaults her, she becomes pregnant.


MONTHS LATER, Chantel has a daughter named Crystal who is temporarily taken care of by her sister in Maine. And after continued success in her career, Chantel finally brings Crystal to live with her on Central Park West. Then Dora takes Chantel to another event at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Chantel meets another love of her life, the charming and wealthy entrepreneur Spiro Pagonis. Spiro helps Chantel develop her own fragrances and product line. At the same time, Dora meets the winsome Max Connors and finds her chance at love. Little does anyone know that Max was quite familiar with the same man who got Chantel pregnant. They have a history of gambling together. Then tragedy strikes when one of the men above is in a disastrous plane crash. And as a result, Marco Puccio reappears into Chantel’s life. This brings up their disengaged past and influences their future. You’ll laugh, cry, and find out about all these intertwined relationships in Love Lust and Serendipity.

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