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Love in the Rough

The thing about Love Lust and Serendipity is that parts are lots of fun and also very serious. Like my main character, Chantel Du Maurier, I liked to use a sterling and strong young woman who will live through life's ups and downs. Many people come to New York to make it there. People from all over the world are intrigued by the city’s size, cultural diversity, and most of all opportunity.

Chantel is a sweet and honest person who is very ambitious. She knows what she wants and wants to get it by earning it. Her humorous friend Dora helps soften the rocky ride a bit for Chantel. There are soon dates with different suitors and the beginning of a serious romance. But people can’t always choose the relatives of others. And Chantel finds herself in a rather unpleasant situation. The situation drives her away from the man she initially falls in love with. It is very unfortunate when lovers are driven apart by others in the falsehood that it’s all in their best interests. Sometimes, it can be that those others, even family members, are not happy with their own lives. In turn, they can’t allow for the happiness of others.

Fortunately, Chantel continues to have hope and optimism for life. She keeps working on her dream. And yes, she has other difficulties ahead of her. But she still doesn’t lose sight of the dream that brought her to New York in the first place. There is something to admire in an uplifting spirit like this. And it’s inspirational to all of us.

Dora on the other hand, with her Southern charm, takes life more as it comes. She has her eyes open but also finds herself in the arms of different men who are unique from one another. In the meantime, she and Chantel enjoy the city and the many places and restaurants it has to offer. The two are amusing together. And life surprises them all the time.

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